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  • Mindworks | Episode 6

    In this episode,

    If there are optical illusions that trick your eyes, there are also some auditory illusions that play with sound. Or rather, use sound to play with you!
    Can you imagine sound being able to affect how you feel? Some sounds will make you feel as if you are being moved – literall...

  • Mindworks | Episode 7

    In this episode...

    Unconscious inference, or unconscious conclusion, is part of a theory on visual perception that says that human vision is incomplete and details are inferred by the unconscious mind to create a complete picture. It’s like our brains are adapting to the loss, and it is filling ...

  • Mindworks | Episode 8

    In this episode...

    Thanks to our brain, we have access to things that we have experienced in the past. It’s like having our own personal photo and video album, which we can view and replay whenever we want.
    From the time we were born, we have been collecting several memories and learning various...