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  • Mindworks | Episode 4

    In this episode...

    BOO! Do you believe in ghosts, or do you think these supernatural beings are a figment of one’s imagination? Psychologically speaking, are they just hallucinations?
    Whether or not these entities truly exist cannot exactly be proven.
    While most of these illusions are a result...

  • Mindworks | Episode 5

    In this episode...

    You’ve probably played a game of hide and seek at least once in your lifetime. Somebody closes their eyes; counts to ten, while the rest of the players go out and hide. Usually, they stay in places where they can remain unseen; it would be quite difficult for them to hide whil...

  • Mindworks | Episode 6

    In this episode,

    If there are optical illusions that trick your eyes, there are also some auditory illusions that play with sound. Or rather, use sound to play with you!
    Can you imagine sound being able to affect how you feel? Some sounds will make you feel as if you are being moved – literall...