Food Wisdom - PG

Food Wisdom - PG

5 Episodes

Food is the most direct way we, as people, interface with our bodies. Join Chef, author, and nutrition specialist Roxanne Koteles as she and her clients address some of their various health concerns using some of Roxanne's most delicious healthy recipes.

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Food Wisdom - PG
  • Food Wisdom | Green Smoothie - TV-G

    Episode 1

    Roxanne gets together with her client Pam to make the green smoothie that was key in helping Pam to be properly nourished during her cancer treatments and beat her breast cancer.

  • Food Wisdom | Cauliflower Asparagus Soup - TV-G

    Episode 2

    Join Roxanne as she takes a trip out to Lexington County and the shores of beautiful Lake Murray as she makes Cauliflower Asparagus soup for a very special family.

  • Food Wisdom | Wild Onions and Daikon Radish - TV-G

    Episode 3

    Eating in season is the theme of this episode as Roxanne spends a beautiful spring day gathering wild onions before returning to the Food Wisdom Kitchen for some Daikon radish tea.

  • Food Wisdom | Arame Seaweed Salad - TV-G

    Episode 4

    Physical therapist Charlotte, and Roxanne have been friends for years. Charlotte shares some of the health challenges for which she enlisted Roxanne's help. Join them both in the Food Wisdom kitchen as they prepare Arame seaweed salad.

  • Food Wisdom | Spicy Vegan Chili - TV-G

    Episode 5

    Angela Evanofski is a Savannah Georgia based realtor who enlisted Roxanne's help in losing weight. Join them in the Food Wisdom Kitchen as she and Roxanne prepare Roxanne's spicy Vegan Chili.