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Busy Bodies - TV-PG

13 Episodes

Get ready to take your health and fitness routine to the next level with yoga, high-intensity interval training, and other workouts.

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Busy Bodies - TV-PG
  • Busy Bodies | Home Exercises - TV-PG

    Episode 1

    If you take a quick glance at the history of man you will notice that as we evolved mentally, physically, and emotionally, we also advanced various fields in our everyday living. Technology, transportation, shelter, food production, and medicine, are among some of the most prominent areas we have...

  • Busy Bodies | Aerobic Activity - TV-PG

    Episode 2

    Aerobic exercise, or “cardio” as it is most commonly known, is physical activity that is sustained at an even pace for more than a few minutes. Aerobic exercise works in such a way that when you perform a routine, your muscles are worked to their limit. Because of this, your heart and lungs are p...

  • Busy Bodies | Flexibility - TV-PG

    Episode 3

    This episode will focus on the holistic approach to wellness. How a sound mind affects one’s physical wellbeing. We start off with the ancient art of yoga, its rich history, and the benefits we can receive from practicing it.
    We often assume that exercise has to be physically taxing in order to ...

  • Busy Bodies | Anaerobic Activity - TV-PG

    Episode 4

    In this episode we go from the predominantly western concept of strength to the eastern belief of energy flow through the body.
    Weight training is widely associated with the concept of being physically fit in the modern world and is central to many fitness programs. We touch on the basics in lif...

  • Busy Bodies | Dance - TV-PG

    Episode 5

    One kind of exercise that is truly beneficial in the physical, psychological, and emotional sense is dancing. Generally an aerobic exercise, dance raises our heart rate and blood circulation. It also exercises our lungs and adds mobility to our joints, giving us a full body workout. Interestingl...

  • Busy Bodies | Aerobic Exercise - TV-PG

    Episode 6

    Attached to the notion of physical activity is probably the most common form of exercise, which is gym fitness. This is one of the reasons why modern day gym memberships are so popular, with numbers increasing every day.
    The term gym is a contraction of gymnasium, ancient Greek structures that w...

  • Busy Bodies | More Flexibility - TV-PG

    Episode 7

    For this episode, we visit an exercise that is similar to Yoga but different in many ways – Pilates.
    Like Yoga, it utilizes stretching and flexibility exercises for its workout programs. But at the same time unlike Yoga, Pilates mostly works with tension exercises aimed at developing muscle endur...

  • Busy Bodies | Anaerobic Exercise - TV-PG

    Episode 8

    In this episode we focus on High-Intensity Interval Training or most commonly known as HIIT. We touch on how this relatively modern approach to physical training quickly spread throughout the world. HIIT has also branched into other micro culture in fitness, one of which is CrossFit.
    We also dis...

  • Busy Bodies | Sports - TV-PG

    Episode 9

    One of the oldest and popular forms of sports and entertainment, boxing, is also one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get fit. In this episode we get to know a little more about boxing and muay thai, how to get started, and the benefits you can reap from it.
    Boxing nowadays is one of the most...

  • Busy Bodies | Aerobic and Anaerobic - TV-PG

    Episode 10

    Aerobics as an exercise usually combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strengthening regimens. Commonly in groups and led by an instructor, aerobics routines are done with background music, to which the movements and exercises are choreographed to.
    Also in this episode we hope to...

  • Busy Bodies | Team Sports - TV-PG

    Episode 11

    Today we’ll be tackling competitive team sports, its origins and how it has developed to the modern team sports we know today. We will focus on the more popular team sports such as basketball and football and show you some basics on how to get you started.
    If you are in it just for fun and to ha...

  • Busy Bodies | Busy Schedule - TV-PG

    Episode 12

    We'll be bringing you one of the most popular and enjoyable exercise activities around on two wheels. Also in this episode we'll be explaining some of the causes of anxiety and panic attacks, and some alternative remedies as well.
    If you’ve started to consider taking up cycling, remember to alway...

  • Busy Bodies | Explore Exercise - TV-PG

    Episode 13

    Now that we are at the end of the season, we have been introduced to the many fitness programs that we can pursue. And if you’ve picked an activity that you particularly like, the next question is…will you be able to commit to it long enough for you to reach your fitness goals?
    But you can make a...