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Annie Oakley - PG

Annie Oakley | A Tall Tale - PG

Season 3, Episode 3 , ,

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    Della envies Annie's freedom and trick riding skills. When the rodeo comes to town, Della's father refuses to allow her to meet her boyfriend, one of the best competitors. When Della decides to run away, she falls under the sway of an unsavory couple, who agree to return to the ranch to retrieve ...

  • Annie Oakley | The Robin Hood Kid - PG

    When a range war over water rights appears imminent, a masked man wearing a Robin Hood costume supporting the homesteaders knocks down ranchers' fences and stampedes stock. When an impostor dons a similar costume and robs the Diablo bank both sides demand that Lofty bring the criminal to justice.

  • Annie Oakley | Annie and the Bicycle ...

    A telegrapher's desperate message for help forces two murderous thieves to hide their loot in a box of bicycle parts meant for a pair of intrepid cross-country cyclists. The crooks force the cyclists to pedal their ill-gotten loot out of town, but Annie discovers their scheme and lays plans to ca...