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Annie Oakley - PG

Annie Oakley | The Front Trail - PG

Season 3, Episode 24 , ,

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    When their handicrafts meant to trade for goods at the local trading post are stolen by white men, the Navajo tribe decides to seek vengeance by going on the warpath. Since whites are forbidden to enter the reservation, even to seek peace, Annie must dress as an Indian maiden to prevent bloodshed.

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    When Annie captures the outlaw who stole Gentleman Jim Corbett's championship belt and returned it to its rightful owner, the ex-world's heavyweight champion volunteers to fight in an exhibition boxing match to raise money for Diablo's new school. Lofty reluctantly agrees to face Corbett when no ...

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    A elderly sharpshooter, Snowy Kringle, arrives in town for show where he will demonstrate his skill with a flintlock rifle and cap-and-ball pistol. The man who is charged with delivering the Army payroll warns the Deputy Sheriff that the old sharpshooter is really a crook and is probably after th...