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Annie Oakley - PG

Annie Oakley | Amateur Outlaw - PG

Season 3, Episode 28 , ,

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    After years of fruitless prospecting, old Scissorbill Childers finally strikes it rich and decides to use his new-found wealth to open a bank to grubstake other prospectors who are searching for gold and silver. New found wealth always attracts criminals so Lofty has his hands full trying to thwa...

  • Annie Oakley | Treasure Map - PG

    Annie, Tagg and Lofty try to help a history buff who believes he has found a map that could lead to gold hidden by the Spanish explorer Coronado over in the early 1500s. The man's search for the treasure is hindered by a gang of outlaws who want the loot for themselves.

  • Annie Oakley | Annie and the Miser - PG

    Annie and Lofty investigate when two outlaws hold-up the messenger carrying the Cattlemen's Association receipts to the bank. They lose the trail near the shack of a strange old junk collector who claims to have no knowledge of the robbery or the criminals. Annie doesn't buy the man's story and s...