Annie Oakley - PG

Annie Oakley - PG

2 Seasons

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Annie Oakley - PG
  • Annie Oakley | Alias Annie Oakley - PG

    Episode 1

    Annie goes after a female outlaw to clear her own reputation when the outlaw poses as the famous marksman in her rampage through the territory.

  • Annie Oakley | The Tomboy - PG

    Episode 2

    Lofty's niece Penny arrives on a stage that's been robbed and Tagg is envious because she's better at activities. Annie and Lofty are unable to solve the crime but the youngsters discover a lead but need the help of Hector, Tagg's frog.

  • Annie Oakley | Annie and the Six O' Spades - PG

    Episode 4

    When orphaned teen Bucky starts hanging out with local tough Mace, a concerned Annie warns his brother Steve. But Bucky defies Steve joining with Mace in a robbery, causing Annie and Lofty to head after them.

  • Annie Oakley | Escape from Diablo - PG

    Episode 5

    Lofty has jailed Hugo but he won't reveal the location of the stolen loot. Annie thinks if they let Hugo escape they can trail him but they don't count on him kidnapping Tagg. Tagg, as a hostage, makes Hugo's life miserable.

  • Annie Oakley | The Iron Smoke-Wagon - PG

    Episode 6

    Boiler O'Doul arrives in Diablo with the town's new steam fire engine exciting everyone, especially Tagg. When the bank is robbed Annie doesn't suspect the respectable Rodells, are the masterminds. A tricky plan is needed to smoke them out.

  • Annie Oakley | Annie and the Chinese Puzzle - PG

    Episode 7

    Mr. Wong (Keye Luke) owns valuable property in town and someone wants to get it cheap. They harass and attempt to convince Mr. Wong to get out of town.

  • Annie Oakley | Trigger Twins - PG

    Episode 9

    Annie has double duty this time when she matches wits with Dana and Jana Matthews, twin sisters. With Pistols and Boots she has to do battle with this dynamite duo.

  • Annie Oakley | Diablo Doctor - PG

    Episode 10

    When he is unable to save his own father, Diablo's town doctor loses his confidence in himself. It's up to Annie to convince him that Diablo needs him and that you must get right back up when you're knocked down.

  • Annie Oakley | Dead Man's Bluff - PG

    Episode 11

    Panic hits Diablo and the citizens make a run on the bank over worries of solvency. Afraid he will be exposed as a counterfeiter, the banker decides to fake his own death.

  • Annie Oakley | Annie Takes a Chance - PG

    Episode 18

    A Judge, who runs a facility to help criminals start over again, has just sentenced an outlaw to hang for his crimes. Now he is threatened by the outlaw's brother if he carries out his verdict.

  • Annie Oakley | Powder Rock Stampede - PG

    Episode 20

    When a section of the territory is opened for settlement, Ralph and Mary plan to race in the land rush and claim a fertile piece of land Mary's father discovered in his travels years before. When Ralph is brutally beaten by a pair of crooks who are aware of the land's value and plan to claim it f...