The 4C's

The 4C's

2 Seasons

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The 4C's
  • 4C's | Are You A Good Listener? - G

    Episode 1

    Ed Cunningham once said, "Friends are those rare people who ask how we are, and then wait to hear the answer." Learn techniques to help you become a good listener.

  • 4C's | Funnel Question Technique - G

    Episode 2

    The Funnel Question Technique can help teach what the best questions are to ask and when. This in turn can help you make you a better communicator and collaborator.

  • 4C's | Relaxation for Public Speaking - G

    Episode 3

    Public speaking can be a terrifying. Learn how to calm your nerves before you take to the stage.

  • 4C's | The Subject Line Pitch - G

    Episode 4

    Employers get mounds of emails a day. Make yours stand out with the perfect subject line pitch.

  • 4C's | Questioning Basic Assumptions - G

    Episode 5

    Questioning basic assumptions helps us to see things from multiple perspectives - first impressions aren't always correct!

  • 4C's | Rebus Puzzles - G

    Episode 6

    Rebus puzzles are a great way to exercise your problem solving and to critical thinking skills. Try these rebus puzzles to level-up your approach to critical thinking.

  • 4C's | Recognizing Patterns - G

    Episode 7

    Recognising patterns is instinctively in us and part of our daily lives. To harness it fully will help you to critically think better.

  • 4C's | Brainstorming on Your Own - G

    Episode 8

    Brainstorming is great technique for creative problem solving. If you have no one to brainstorm with, learn how to do it on your own with Mind Maps!

  • 4C's | The Alternative Uses Test - G

    Episode 9

    Sometimes, creativity requires divergent thinking. Train your brain to think creatively by taking the Alternative Uses Test.

  • 4C's | The Elevator Problem - G

    Episode 10

    Are you a vertical thinker or a lateral one? Solve the Elevator Problem to find out.